itstyle make up

ItStyle Makeup is an Italian makeup company under the umbrella of ItStyle International. ItStyle offers a wide range of makeup and accessory products manufactured entirely in Italy and characterized by their ease of use and intuitive applications. 

ItStyle has created a retail concept whereby women of all ages will find the ideal atmosphere to choose products, colors, and innovative accessories.


Since 1997, ItStyle was distributing several makeup lines suitable to all skin colors and types to numerous makeup retailers. In 2004, the firm decided to open its own professional cosmetic line to sell directly to the customers. Their experience in the industry enables ItStyle to offer an extensive and high quality line at very attractive prices.

A quality line at very attractive prices(prizes). Several make-up ranges adapted to all the types(chaps) and the colors of skins. Shape to the regulations of the European Community of 2004 / 2006.
Any animal testing according to all that was planned by the European standards.
The European Community forbids the experiment of products finished on the animals of the beginning of the 80s. Besides, since Mars 2009 the European Community forbids to market cosmetics which contain ingredients tested on animals.
The certificates of use of statements relative to the absence of experiments

2008 : Creation in Italy
2009 : Opening of   12 stores 
2010 : Opening of   23 stores
2011 : Opening of   36 stores
2012 : Opening of   43 stores 
2013 : Opening of   49 stores 
2014 : Opening of   61 stores and  12 corners 
2015 : Opening of   83 stores and  94 corners 
2016 : Opening of 102 stores and 228 corners 

                                                                                                         TOTAL at Jully 2016 : 330 P.V.

2008 TO2016

In order to build a good foundation brand itStyle to took the time to develop it.

Since 1997 manufacturer of makeup for many brands it long remained recessed in order to better study the market and be able to offer its own line in 2008.

A line of quality at very attractive prices. Several lines of make-up suited to all skin colors and types.

Since 2004 manufacturer of Make-up for numerous marks(brands) she(it) stood back for a long time to study at best the market and be able to propose in 2009 her(its) own line.

                                                                              OUR  MISSION

The Itstyles aim is to express one personality in a healthy and dramatic way, using a fresh and refined style. The company is cocerned with maintaining healthy skin and with expcting fashion trends to allow women of all ages to carefully care for their self-image and express the essence of their beings. That is the mission of Itstyle Makeup; beauty gained through makeup and accessories for women that provides a luxurious experience for a reasonable price. that comes from their "Makeup possible!" slogan from Milan, the Italian city known worldwide for its creativity and glamour. the brand offers a distinctive Italian "style" that emphasizes quality and variety of items taht are available in our stores throughout the world.

            OUR PRODUCTS

produits itstyle make up

ItStyle makeup is comprised of a wide range of high quality products at affordable prices. The selection is continuously evolving and anticipating fashion trends, so that the brand offers every woman the best choice to exploit their natural charm, beauty and radiance of the skin. The brands ethic encourages them to manufacture without doing any animal testing. The brand  also ensures that the producst are made with impeccable quallity while maintaining the strictest safety, in compliance with European and international mandates. Itstyle has makeup as the  heart of its business however even more importantly emphasizes that the essence of the company is its unwavering commitment to the beauty and welfare of women all over the world.


The ItStyle products are on sale at both corporate and franchised stores located all over the world.

Both types of retail operations are professionaly managed to meet the makeup needs of the most discerning customers. Because makeup  is one of the retail markets with few specialized stores, by carefully managing their network of outlets. itStyle is able to offer an excellent combination of quality versus price.

            STORE LAY-OUT

The "store atmosphère" has been structured to maximize the Itstyle brand awareness. The store look features a refined and elegant taste throughout using minimal black and white colors and mirrors. Furthermore, Itstyle stores are meant to match a seductive atmosphere with functional features in order to best showcase and enhance the quality and variety of our products.

The it Style Makeup concept that is intended to be directed at costs reasonable and very accessible, has managed to combine a seductive atmosphere with the functional requirements for upgrading the quality and variety of the offer, by offering places in which each product occupies its rightful place in order to respond to the dynamic process of selection and acquisition.

A refined, elegant and minimalist design with the dominance of the white and black added a reflection of mirrors...