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(more than 1 000) of high quality at Low Cost prices.

Designed, manufactured and developed in Italy.

On average, every day,
itStyle shop hosts over 100 customers potentials for 

an average shopping basket of around 15 €.


Développement itstyle

With more than 300 locations divided into 

shop and corners around the world,

Italy - Sicily - Sardinia
Spain - Baleares - Canary Islands - Portugal
France - Ile de la Réunion - Mauritius Islands - Martinique
Switzerland - Belgium - Germany
Saudi Arabia - Morocco - Algeria - Tunisia
Greece - Croatia - Russia
Angola - Cape Verde - Malta - Gibraltar - Brazil.


Emplacements itStyle
The commercial area between 400 and, 1, 000 SQF, ideally 800 SQF.
The brand would support the future franchisee in the research, the selection and
the negociation of the location. The franchise offers the assistance of its architect who
will present the new franchisee a set-up in compliance with the brand customized to its measurements.

Support (Accompaniment) of future franchised in the search (research), 
the selection and the negotiation of the location.

Layout (organization) of your shop,
Under the assistance(audience) of our Architect who will present you a 
setting-up (presence) in compliance with the sign (brand).

Our joiners realize for you if need, Custom-made furniture.


Assistance itStyle

The Franchise offers additional assistance with various tasks from recruitement 

phase to the grand opening. 

The ItStyle software enables automatic management of inventory, 

through a direct connection to the logistics service, 

which ensures simple and effective management. itstyle

MakeUp organizes commercial actions every month as well as a strong marketing service support that promotes the brand identity.

Marketing service dedicated to invigorate and develop your point of sale and disseminate high and avant-garde of the brand identity
It Style Make-up Milano.

Accompanying delivery, Commercial actions every month.


As a very glamorous brand , Itsyle ranks third with the makeup manufacturers of Europe. Please, see the following figures below:

Entrance fee : 9 000 €, conditions following the territory and the support (accompaniment) in the optional opening.
Support marketing, Royalties : 0 %
Shop furniture and equipement: about 400 € /10 sqft or approximately 20,000 €for 500 sqft .

Initial inventory : approximately 20,000 €.

Computer hardware (Optional): approximately 2,000 € 
Computer hardware (Optional): approximately 2,000. 

Do not miss out the opportunity to join the fastest growing of  growing European Franchise!


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